Site5 reviews and editor comments

This Site5 review website has been hosted with their basic shared package since 2008. For the pass 7 years we have conducted countless numbers of web hosting test, evaluation and reviews. All these are compiled into honest and unbiased rating and anyone can view all these information at no cost. We are sure this is honest, true and won’t rip off. And we have over 3 Site5 coupons awaits you, plus our own $5 cash rebate program for those writing us their user review and user experience.

Is Site5 good or bad? In overall, their features and specification are the best and they have few shared service plans, basic plan is designed for most beginners. Advanced user or business user can go for higher plan that better support e-commerce website; this including VPS, private server or cloud services. Here is their product range available:

  1. Shared service from $4.95 per month.
  2. Cloud hosting from $20.00 per month.
  3. Reseller hosting account from $23.95 per month.
  4. VPS hosting from $25 per month.


All their web hosting products and services are 100% green and your website can be fully eco-friendly. Host with a peace in mind and have no worry of any side effect.

Site5 basic plan is called Hostbasic. This basic hosting plan allows single domain hosting. This mean you only allowed to have one website or domain in here. The add-on domain feature is now available and only available in their unlimited domain plan and turbo package that are more expensive. All three plans include 99.9% uptime guarantee and the best 45-days money-back guarantee. This is risk free signup and the web hosting service is guaranteed to be available 99.9% of the time. In addition we can choose from over 20 location world wide. Basically what all these mean is you can choose them and host in any of their 20 location. Here are the main features found in their shared hosting plan:

  1. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth transfer.
  2. Unlimited domains and websites available in pro and turbo plan.
  3. Choose from 20 location world wide.
  4. Free website migration service and website builder tools.
  5. Free control panel with siteadmin and backstage.
  6. Comes with the most excellent 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  7. 45-days money back guarantee and signup protection.

Shared hosting features

Site5 customer service really that good? They promised 25 websites transfer service for free, is this real? The customer service is here to assist you on the moment you signup. Once getting a new account, you are their user and can start getting their transfer service for free.

Website migration service is free. They are now offering up to 25 websites migration for their new customer. Not one but 25 of it. The support personal will migrating up to 25 cPanel accounts or 10 non cPanel accounts. If you’re having multiple sites in separate location and want to move to a new web host that done everything. For most owners that don’t have experience in migration, this site transfer service is a must have feature.

Live chat online

Overall customer support and quality is excellent. Not to forget, their hosting plan is coupled with the best after-sales and customer service and help center with online live chat. Customer support team is available always, whenever yelling for help, there is always someone going to answer. If having any sales inquiry, start a live chat with sales team, and get answer instantly. Take note their sales offices are open Monday to Friday, from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM ET (GMT -5). If website is having technical issue or server downtime, do email technical support team. They will get it fixed. Following is their contact numbers:

  1. Phone number is (USA).
  2. International number is 19254783115.

Site5 speed test on basic plan. Site5 website speed test result is remarkable. And with our own shared hosting account, we have conducted various server speed test and verifying their site performance. We want to know how fast is this plan and either it meet user expectation or not. Most business hosting users are concern of website loading speed or delay and they always ask for the faster hosting service for their company website.

Site5 Speed Test

Our hosted website is currently running from their hosting plan and this is what we going to use for test. This website is with total page size of 221 kilobytes is loading time only takes 0.576 second only. Our average transfer rate of over 300KB/sec. This clearly shown their shared server speed is faster compare to iPage speed, Powweb speed and Ipower speed at around 110 to 130 kilobytes per second respectively.

Why their shared hosting is faster and having the shortest delay time? Here are the few point to consider. They are not overselling their service and server, this mean less user per server. They use the most advanced network infrastructure and this mean highest transfer speed.

Another great way to check your website speed is to allow your website visitors to tell you about it. Invite your friends to visit your website by using their computer, ask the to time it and let you know on the result. If they are getting the near similar result of what you get, that is a good sign. If they are appearing much slower, there are things went wrong and need for a look. There might be some compatibility issue or certain features not available in their computer that caused that. Check on the cause of problem and identify the issue that make your website slow. Fixed it after knowing that, and retest your website once again.

Our Site5 rating since 2008. Finally, our Site5 rating is a healthy 9 out of 10. After countless years of review and look through their criteria, we know this is a leading web host company and their product is world class. We are comparing their basic shared service with other top web hosting company including Hostgator, Siteground and Webhostingbuzz. All these are highly similar and they have single domain and unlimited domain plans available when you need an account upgrade.

What makes our Site5 reviews better and more accurate is our actual web hosting experience. We have a shared hosting account with them, using it to host websites, and experience it for so many years. Most importantly we are using all their web hosting services, and these we know their differences or advantages. They are having network and server benefits, we see the speed performance different and their customer support is highly trained and very specialized too.

Following is our detailed rating and scores given to their shared hosting services.

Rating votes

Their web hosting services might be one of the best, but their price is definitely not. We are comparing their shared hosting plans with the others, and highly recommend they revise the pricing and introduce a much lower pricing. In today market, we are seeing unlimited domain hosting at below $5 dollars per month and they are asking over $7 dollars a month. That is 30% more than others are asking.

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Site5 backstage and siteadmin control panel

Backstage demoSite5 backstage control panel is just perfect. They are not using cPanel or vDeck, they are using their own Backstage control panel that provides multiple account management and they called it siteadmin; this is where thing get started. Next, choose account to manage and proceed with configuration. In here, user can configure email, manage domain and access to web apps installer. All features and web hosting tools are accessible from here.

Why give this Site5 backstage a try? They claim to offer more feature and advantage, for example it allows multiple user access permission which is not found in cPanel or vDeck. Account owner can view current server status in real like and any downtime or technical problem will be listed in here. In here, there is domain management page and instant domain registering section too, it makes ordering new domain name much easier and faster. We can order addon products and choose an upgrade at anytime.

The Site5 backstage is linked to customer service and we can contact technical support via email ticket or live chat. Its easy to view and edit billing information and preference in here. And lastly, we can access to affiliate program and join it to earn money too. Its all integrated into one simple account.

What is the pros and cons? We see their unique design and usability advantages. It integrated all software, control panel and tools into one and this simplify account management. Above we have highlighted top 7 advantages to use this backstage panel and this is more convenient way to manage a web hosting account.

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Site5 coupon giving 35% discount

From signup page, we have located three different types of Site5 coupons and each offering unique type of discount. Each Site5 coupon has its term of use and valid for one kind of plan. For many years it remain the same without changes and this web hosting discount is giving up to 35% in saving. There is Site5 promotion code available for selected season time as well.

The best Site5 coupon codes. Here are top recommended Site5 coupons:

  1. Use “FREEDOMAIN” for one free domain name.
  2. Use “FREETRIAL” for 30 days trial access.
  3. Use “ONEDOLLARVPS1″ on VPS and pays only one dollar.


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10 best paying pay-per-click advertising network

PPC ad networks are the newfangled digital style of increasing online traffic to your website. PPC which stands from pay per click is also known as cost per click is an internet advertising model in which the advertisers will pay the publishers for every time their adverts are clicked on by online viewers. The PPC ads display will display the advert made by the advertisers online and will use certain keywords will help for this ad to be easily sited online via a search engine. There are a variety of online networking systems that greatly support the PPC adverts made by advertisers and they each offer clients a wide platform of making a major outreach to the global populace.


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How to track website traffic and referral?

Creating your very own profile or business profile online is usually one big step towards interacting with the online global social society. Whether it s a web page or a website that you are or have opened online the best way to know the level of appeal your content is making towards online readers and internet users is through tracking your website traffic and referrals.

Tracking your website traffic and referrals can be currently done through the receivership of website statistics and analysis. Website statistics is a web log analysis software that offers website creators with a derived indicator of who, when and how the web server has been visited. It does this by parsing a server log file from the web server your main website is using and provides values of the derived indicators of the log file.


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Which e-commerce shopping cart to choose?

If you are thinking about establishing an e-commerce site that will allow you to sell products online, one of the most important things to consider is the type of e-commerce software you will use. There are various e-commerce shopping carts available and each one offers unique features. Some of the most popular options include:

  1. Zen cart
    This is a free e-commerce shopping cart that allows you to customize its source code to suit your needs. Zen Cart is a powerful solution that you can download without requiring a license. It is easy install and is ideal if you are not technology savvy. You can use it with any hosting service. It offers several features and you can take advantage of one of its many custom integration and plugins. Zen Cart offers all the basic features that you require to set up an e-commerce store. It comes with an in-built capacity that allows you to accept PayPay, FirstData, and payments. This is open source software and this means there is no formal customer service or technical support but you can take advantage of one of the many forums available to troubleshoot the software. This is not user-friendly software and if you may have to spend a lot of time trying to learn its interface. It also lacks SEO abilities and this is a significant drawback. Zen Cart does not have a variety of add-ons for mobile device use and this means that it is not responsive. You may also have difficulties with upgrades when you use this software.
  2. OsCommerce
    This is open source e-commerce software. OsCommerce is free but if you lack programming skills, you will have to hire a programmer to build your online store. It is self-hosted software and you have to pay to host your store. When you download the software you get a bare slate. But it offers over 7,000 add-ons that you can use to add as many features as your want. Some of the add-ons include shipping modules, payment, and reporting. It supports PayPal and SagePay payment processors. One of its main drawbacks is its design because it lacks templates. This means that you need to hire a web design specialist to customize your site. In addition, this software is not secure and has been hacked several times. It also offers weak SEO and is quite complex.
  3. Magento
    This is one of the most popular e-commerce shopping carts. Magento is free software that you can easily download. But if you lack programming skills, it will be necessary to hire a developer. You also need to think about a domain name, host, payment processor, and security if you decide to use this software. Most users find it difficult to navigate this software and this is why it is advisable to use an experienced developer. It is self-hosted and you will have to identify an online-based host for your shop. This software offers all the features that you need for an online store. It also has SEO features that include URL rewrites, meta tags, and sitemaps. Magento offers a variety of marketing tools such as product bundles and newsletters. You also get inventory tools. You can use various payment gateways such as 2Checkout, Authorize.ent, and PayPal. This software requires some coding experience and there is no customer support. It is also slow and this can affect your business.
  4. ShopSite
    This e-commerce software is charges a fee after a trial period. ShopSite offers various packages to suit your needs. It is web-hosted and this means that you will have to sign up to one of its hosting affiliates. The best aspect about this software is that it is easy to use. ShopSite has a software wizard to guide you as you build your site. It offers several features depending on the package you choose. It is also customized for mobile use. Some of the add-ons and integrations you can use include Orange Soda, Google Analytics, Constant Contact, and Social Commerce. It is compatible with Amazon Payments, Google Wallet, PayPal, and The drawbacks include the use of third party hosting and old templates.
  5. Agora cart
    Agora cart is available for free but you can also pay for a superior version. The open source offers all the basic components that you require to establish your online store. It offers a variety of features including language files, HTML, SEO friendly URLs and adjustable layouts. This software provides impressive security and its upgrades are easy to use. It supports over 10 payment options.

Site5 web hosting is a great place to host your e-commerce website and they even provide as many free shopping carts as possible. With our Site5 review site hosted with them, we are reviewing their e-commerce features and even testing the cart installation too.

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Why choose cloud hosting?

Previously, we wrote an article and talk about Site5 cloud hosting service and email service. They offer some of the best features and their cloud hosting is some of the most advanced we ever see.

Cloud web hosting is a hosting which uses the resources of numerous clustered servers. In essence, this implies that your site uses the virtual resources of the servers to take care of all aspects of hosting your website. Hardware resources are virtually available so they are used when necessary, the load is balanced and security is taken care of. The several clustered servers are the cloud.

Cloud hosting plans


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Site5 cloud hosting & email service

Site5 cloud web hosting is even better. In this Site5 review site, we look into almost everything and we especially love their latest cloud hosting plan that is far more affordable compare to most other competitors. This cloud services is next generation technology and guarantee the highest possible uptime. This technology has more advantages than expected and serve as a good alternative for virtual server hosting. This cloud plan uses load balancing technology to minimized server load and speed up website. With this, customer website is able to handle large traffic burst and unexpected traffic spike. Here are the three packages available:

  1. Cloud plus from $20 and come with 10 GB storage.
  2. Cloud advanced from $27 and come with 20 GB storage.
  3. Cloud premium from $36 and come with 40 GB storage.


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Make money via website and domain flipping

Over time, notably during the recent past, online business has grown to a higher notch. Online entrepreneurs have developed massive ways of earning both passive and full time income over the internet. Web developers have enhanced their chase for money through website and domain flipping. They do buy junk domain names which are listed up for online auction on major websites and redesign it, hence improving its value then they sell it at profits. This is an ideal business because it does not require shipping or picking up a product, but instead someone can make money right from the comfort of their homes. Hence, this article will narrow down to explaining the basics of domain backordering, domain flipping and their roles in website restoration and marketing design.

For developersWhat is domain backordering? Domain backordering is basically a service offered by domain registrars to help entities or persons to register for domain names that will soon expire. This is done promptly and on specific periods to ensure that the new entity captures the domain name rights before someone else grabs it.


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Site5 website uptime percentage (basic account)

Uptime availabilitySite5 uptime for our website. For the pass 7 years, our Site5 uptime percentage is checked here. On event of downtime of problem, it will be recorded. A top web host like this should deliver excellent uptime rating, and that is what we expecting from them too. Luckily we’ve an account with them and our website is being monitored. The website uptime is gathered and process automatically, and the average website availability is above 99.8% (online) in actual world. In other hand, the average website downtime is less than 0.2% (offline). From this statistic, we know this rating is actually very good and isn’t sucks.

Our Site5 uptime rating since year 2007. In every year, there is total checking, outages, failed checks and availability percentage. The higher the percentage means a better website availability. And when asked for the best year, we have year 2011 and 2012, each with 99.87% and 99.82% respectively.


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Site5 CMS and web apps installer are tested

Site5 CMS compatibility check. They provide Softaculous like one click installer apps and included hundreds of open-source CMS for our website use. Next, we are checking our HostBasic shared plan and want 100% sure our favorite CMS is supported here. Yes, we are testing Site5 CMS features and compatibility next.

Besides checking their Backstage control panel, we are testing few content management system right here and want to make sure the applications are fully compatible and supported here. Next, we want to try their one-click Web Apps installer and confirm the software works well.

List of CMS Apps


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Site5 Drupal CMS compatibility test

Can you host content website with this shared service and how fast is the Drupal site will be? If you are searching for next Drupal web hosting plan, it is time to give them a try. They have multiple packages that are compatible including shared, cloud and VPS plan. From here, the latest version is available and user can select new installation location, administrator password etc. Setting up popular application is made simple with this tool and our overall experience is great and confident is high. From test, we have learned this plan is fully compatible and it isn’t slow at all. View this Drupal demo at here.

Site5 Drupal Installed


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