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Site5 has been available since 1999 and with over 14 years of experience. They are located in Colorado, Denver.

This is a quality web hosting brand and they are now offering wide range of products and services. They have added cloud hosting option and it is divided into self managed and fully managed package. Their VPS and reseller plan is now available in cloud server technology as well. They are using custom cPanel control panel, and named this Backstage control panel. All your account details and billing page, domain management, are all managed via this control panel.

For this Site5 review website, it has been hosted here with their shared hosting plan since 2008. For many years, we conduct web hosting test, evaluation and reviews. All these are compiled into honest and unbiased Site5 reviews and anyone can view all information in this blog at no cost. All the hidden secrets, pros and cons are all revealed in here.

Site5.com web hosting

Site5 web hosting features are the best. They have few shared hosting plans, basic plan is recommended for most beginners. Advanced user or business user can go for higher plan that better support their e-commerce website, this including VPS, private server or cloud services.

The top reasons to choose Site5.com is their 100% green web hosting plan and carbon neutral. We always prefer web hosts that put lots of effort to clean away carbon foot-print and no one should choose the other side. Their next advantage is the free Site5 Backstage control panel with secure login is provided by default. And the basic plan is come with unlimited disc space, bandwidth, emails and add-on domains. Its complete with free website migration for up to 25 sites or we can use the 1-click installer called “Web Apps” to install open-source website for us at here. The plan also includes free site builder from RVsitebuilder.

Unlimited disk space & unlimited bandwidth.

Single domain hosting. Unlimited domain plan available for HostPro and Turbo package.

Free website migration.

Free Siteadmin and Backstage control panel.

99.9% uptime guarantee.

45-days money back guarantee.

In addition we can choose from over 20 hosting location world wide. And our signup to this plan is protected by 45-days money back guarantee.

Site5 cloud web hosting is even better. This cloud services is next generation technology and guarantee the highest possible uptime. This technology has more advantages than expected and serve as a good alternative for virtual server hosting. It uses load-balancing technology to speed up website and uses multiple server environments to minimize service downtime and problems. With this, customer website is able to handle large traffic burst and unexpected traffic spike.

When choosing a hosting plan for mission critical website or e-commerce website, this type of cloud hosting plan is the recommended choice. Clients switching over to cloud are unlikely to look back or downgrade to shared hosting service.

Cloud hosting packages

Site5 reseller web hosting is strictly no overselling and this is for server quality concern. Overselling feature will cause tremendous load on server that greatly affect the service quality. You can’t find this at here. When search for a good reseller plan, we look into specifation page and search for huge storage space and bandwidth per month. We like Site5 reseller plan that start from $23.95/mo and includes 50 GB storage and 500 GB bandwidth. It allows unlimited account reselling and uses cPanel with WHM control panel. These combination are the greatest and guarantee lots of user convenient in future. In additional, they provide free billing software and domain reseller account, which makes thing even better. This basic reseller hosting is include 3 IP address and customer DNS name server and allows private labeling too.

They offer reliable and secure reseller plan that is easy to manage and resell. Choosing the low quality reseller host will cause not only security problem and loosing of clients satisfaction at the end. For real reselling business that look very forward and have planning to grow for next couple of years, we will recommend this reseller hosting from them.

Reseller hosting packages

Site5 Backstage control panel is just perfect. They are not using cPanel or vDeck, they are using their own Backstage control panel that provides multiple account management and they called it Siteadmin; this is where thing get started. Next, choose account to manage and proceed with configuration. In here, user can configure email, manage domain and access to web apps installer. All features and web hosting tools are accessible from here.

Why give Site5 Backstage a try? They claim to offer more feature and advantage, for example it allows multiple user access permission which is not found in cPanel or vDeck. Site owner can view current server status in real like and any downtime or technical problem will be listed in here. In here, there is domain management page and instant domain registering section too, it makes ordering new domain name much easier and faster. We can order add-on products and choose an upgrade at anytime. The Backstage is linked to customer service and we can choose to contact technical support via email ticket or live chat. Its easy to view and edit billing information and preference in here. And lastly, we can access to Site5 affiliate program and join it to earn money too. Its all integrated into one simple account.

This Site5 control panel have pros and cons. We see their unique design and usability advantages. They have integrated all control panel and tools into one and this simplify account management. Above we have highlighted top 7 advantages to use this Backstage control panel and this is most convenient way to manage a web hosting account.

Backstage control panel demo

Site5 webmail is using Horde and SquirrelMail. In our basic shared hosting account, we are given access to variety of webmail clients. In here we can create multiple email address and access it via web browser. We can choose favorite webmail and log in to check new messages. Our login path is located at:


Besides offering these webmail service, this Site5 shared hosting includes all the email features that we need. For example, we can add email accounts with storage space preference from 10 MB to unlimited. Create unlimited email domains forwarder and add email filter and set keyword filtering feature to identify spam mail via their spam protection with SpamAssassin, auto-delete feature and spam box. And there is email catch all and default address to divert all emails and later we can create autoresponder and send pre-defined response message. We can create mailing list with large group of users and send message to them at once. It allow user to signup, manage subscription and even unsubscribe from your mailing list. And lastly there is MX record or edit mail exchanger entry to tell which server to send the email.

Site5 webmail client programs

Site5 migration service is free. They are now offering up to 25 websites migration for their new customer. Not one but 25 of it. Their support personal will migrating up to 25 cPanel accounts or 10 non-cPanel accounts. If you’re having multiple sites in separate location and want to move to a new web host that done everything. For most owners that don’t have experience in migration, this service is a must have feature.

Site5 DNS can be found here. Any domain going to be hosted with them are require to use following setting and pointing to this location.

Primary name server: dns.site5.com

Secondary name server: dns2.site5.com

Overall Site5 customer support quality is excellent. Not to forget, their hosting plan is coupled with the best customer service and help center with online live chat. Customer support team is available always, whenever yelling for help, there is always someone going to answer. If having any sales inquiry, start a live chat with sales team, and get answer instantly. Take note Site5 sales offices are open Monday to Friday, from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM ET (GMT -5). If website is having technical issue or server downtime, do email technical support team. They will get it fixed. Phone support can be reach on following number:

Phone number is 1-888-sites.com (USA)

International number is 1-925-478-3115

Site5 speed test result is remarkable. We have search most online forum and found very positive feedback from their customer. And with our own shared hosting account, we have conducted various server speed test. Our website with total page size of 221 KB is loading within 0.576 second only. This mean average transfer rate of over 300 KB per second. This clearly shown Site5 speed is faster compare to iPage, Powweb and Ipower at around 110 KB to 130 KB per second.

Our Latest Website Speed Test

Site5 uptime and downtime percentage is checked here. A top web host should deliver excellent uptime rating, and that is what we expecting from Site5.com too. Our website monitored is http://unbiased.site5review.org and for the pass 6 years the average website uptime is 99.8% (online). And the average website downtime is less than 0.2% (offline).

Website Uptime and Downtime

Finally, our Site5 rating is a healthy 9.5. After many years of review and look through their criteria, we know Site5.com is one of the leading company and their product is world class. We are comparing them with other top web hosting company like Hostgator, Siteground and Webhostingbuzz. The main advantage here is they are now offering widest range of web services and their new cloud hosting plan is impressive. Not many other competitors are moving ahead of this and most of them are still using conventional old fashion hosting service.

Overall Rating and Votes

Site5 affiliate program is with good commission payout. When referring a new customer and they signup for any hosting products, you will be rewarded with twenty dollars sales commission. They use IP address tracking and also place tracking cookies in browser, just to help track who is recommended the sales.

What is the condition to get paid? If customer stays for more than 60 days, commission will be rewarded. Once a minimum of $100 is reached or equal to 5 sales recommended, you will receive payment through PayPal. Make sure you’ve PayPal account before start promoting.

In overall, Site5 affiliate payout is one of the lowest paying and $25 dollars starting point is just too low. Advertising cost is extremely expensive for most Internet marketer and its quit difficult to cover cost ratio in most cases. Advertising via PPC or CPM network will be a complete failure.

Site5 Coupon Codes and Special Discounts

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From signup page, we have located three different types of coupons and each offering unique type of discount. Each coupon is valid for one kind of plan and for many years it remain the same without changes. For selected time, this web hosting discount is giving up to 35% in saving. There is Site5 promotion code available for selected season time as well. Here are top recommended vouchers:

FREEDOMAIN for one free domain name.

FREETRIAL for 30 days trial access.

ONEDOLLARVPS1 on VPS and pays only one dollar.

Above are a few valid Site5 coupons for various discounts and this include domain name worth around $15 dollars. The latest VPS plan is available with 30-days trial access too. With 25% Site5 discount, its now up to $180 off.

Latest 23% Coupon Code

Get Site5 rebate and cash back from us. For more special deals and hope to cut bill even lower, this rebate and cash back program will be the choice. In this Site5 review website, we are now offering five dollars rebate money for customer testimonial. All you need to do is signup for any package and filled up survey form below. We want real feedback and survey. Tell us your experience and we will send cash back money. Filled up customer review form and we will send a rebate money once it is approved. This will be subjected to few waiting days. Once verified and authenticated, we will initiate payment and send reward money.